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Corporate sponsored trip to South Korea

Companies such as Google and Facebook has always come under the spotlight for its staff benefits such as sleeping pods and buffets for its staffs. Even in Singapore, this practice has been taking track as well, fuelled by social media. Although, in Singapore, companies take a different approach: Corporate dinners, annual company dinners aimed at ‘bonding staffs’.

But as fellow staffs, and employees of an organisation. Unless its held on a weekday, chances are, we would all like to spend time with our families at the beach or simply just staying home instead of an extra Saturday spent with colleagues, many of which, are the first time that we have met. Therefore, in P & A, it can be concluded, why not let the staff decide since there was a common understanding to want to do away with such a practice.

And so, we did. Polls were conducted and staffs were given options to choose from: Company Dinner, sports day, buffet, do nothing and finally, an overseas trip.

With the polls gathered, it was decided (quite unanimously). The company would head of to South Korea for a company retreat for 8 days in December.

And so we did. Fast forward to December, the whole company was flown to the land of K-pop, along with a member of their loved ones.


With a tour chartered just for us, the staffs had the opportunity to go to many parts of the country and unwind. First spending a good 3 day in the pristine island of Jeju, the staffs were treated to many locals delicacies such as K-BBQ and Jeju’s specialty Kimchi. Not to mention, with the abundance of seafood in Jeju, how could we pass up the chance to try live octopus 😀

The whole company had a good time while in Jeju. Enjoying the cold weather, constantly taking in the scenic views with their DSLR’s and posting Instagram stories. With the tour also including the famous trick eye museum and other tourist spots, the time in Jeju quickly came to an end. With the end of the Jeju tour, it’s time to head to everyone’s most anticipated location, Seoul.

Seoul Good

Asides from the tourist attraction that we visited in the next 5 days such as Nami Island, Gwanghua-Mun Palace, Namsan tower, Ice Skating and Lotte world among many others; with our wallets filled to the brim, the staffs did what any other tourist did in Korea, SPEND!

From street foods to cosmetics, the staffs were on a spending spree after having nothing to buy for the 3 days in Jeju. Eventually, with the amount of time spent shopping, some tours had to be cancelled to allow time for us to shop 😛


Through the 8 days, it can be safe to say that the company has burnt a huge hole in financing the trip. However, in the boss’ words “it is money well-spent” seeing how all the staffs enjoyed themselves. More than just a company looking for profit, the staffs should be happy with their work and the people around them. And with the corporate trip, it can be said that all of the staffs had a memorable time together.

This endearing yearly affair definitely helps to foster better project coordination among our teams and inspire new design concepts which are the main factors to deliver and exceed P & A clients’ expectations. These key attributes continue to differentiate us from the rest of the other commercial design firms in the industry. 

P & A Link trip to Korea

Back in December last year, our company went on a 10-Day company sponsored trip to the land of Kimchi, Korea with all staffs. Video is finally up! Look out for the photo updates! Once again, hope everyone enjoyed their time there and made wonderful memories with one another. Huge props to our designer Osmak Ferrer for the video shoot and editing! You will be missed here!

Posted by P & A Link Pte Ltd on Monday, 3 April 2017