How do design and build companies quote prices?

As a consumer, we prioritize certain criteria over others in our purchase for a good or service. However, among the many criteria’s one often stand out in contrast to the others: Price.

Businesses, much like consumers, are price sensitive while at the same time, aim to receive the best service and quality at an affordable price point.

After interacting and working with various commercial clients, this is one pain point that we understand and continue to do our best in to address this burning issue.

In this article, we will go through with you how the industry, or at least, in P&A Link, get to the final quote.

In general, when a client approaches a design and build firm, they would be given a quote after a few days.

Since the firm would have to perform the due diligence of researching and analyzing the drawings and source the finishes among many other factors that the customer require.

Also, the duration would be based on the scale of the project as well as the type of works needed. Depending on these works, the price would then differ greatly.

Of which, it can be categorized into a few major works such as: Furnishing, A&A works and reconstruction and Interior design.

For example, if a project were to be heavily focused on supplying and installing furniture for the client, the main cost would be in the furniture which varies based on the quality and quantity needed.

If the project were to involve reconstructing the site, the costs would be heavily focused in the labor and manpower cost.

Thus, in the context of Singapore, levy’s and dormitories fees would have to be factored into the human labor costs.

Breaking down partition walls which can take a day minimally. With factors such as size affecting the duration needed to get the work completed

It is therefore, impertinent that the company that your firm engages in has deep experience in the field of the project(s) that you would be entrusting them with.

With the prior experience, the design and build firm would then be able to better plan for the project, which ultimately reduces the time needed for their workers to be at the site. Ultimately translating to lower pricing for the end consumer.

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