Commercial Project Series: Changi Airport Complex

Famed as the best airport in the world, Singapore’s Changi Airport has no lack of awards from being the best in amenities and design. Most notably, the airport is known to have great mix of nature and man-made structures, offering koi ponds, butterfly gardens and of course, its recent debut of Changi Jewel, a lifestyle mall nestled within the airport.

P & A Link Pte Ltd is a commercial interior design Singapore
Changi Airport VIP Complex – Singapore

That being said, fast forward into our commercial project with Changi Airport, the company was both honoured and excited to be able to design and renovate for them. With the project spanning over a year, our company worked closely with the Changi Airport Group to ensure a seamless experience.

In the consignment, one of the greater consideration that had to be noted was that the space being renovated acts as a rest stop and holds prestigious and important people from around the world (Names not to be named for privacy purposes). Therefore, noise control as well as dust had to be constantly observed to not obtrude and disturb the stay of these key personnels. To effectively address these issue, our workers oftentimes had to work during the midnight on areas which needed more heavy works to.

Spanning 2 levels and approximately 3,000 square feet of land, it took our team 11 months to complete. With another month to tidy up while making good of any arrears that the client found in need of a fix or replacement.

In overall, this commercial project with Changi Airport has certainly been a great journey and we thank them for their assistance as well as the open channels available for us to effectively work together with them and create an amicable working relationship.

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