Commercial Project Series: EBMPAPST SEA Pte Ltd

In our next commercial project series, we will be covering one of our closest commercial client to date, EBM; An internationally recognised German brand known for being world market leaders for energy-saving fans and motors.

With their company needing a HQ in Asia, they eventually picked Singapore as its operating base due to its centrality.

Thus, they eventually engaged us to help create their office at Tai Seng back in 2014. To which the project was completed in approximately 3 months.

However, with their rapid expansion in Asia, the office was unable to keep up with its demands.

Hence, the company shifted which comprises of 2 levels as well as a private loading/unloading bay. Once again, they offered us another opportunity to work together with them to help design and build the complex.

Via our prior knowledge and working relationship with EBM, the commencement of designing and building was without any issue.

With the large land area that was allocated to us, we were able to be creative with maximising and utilise the office space to provide different pockets of space which exuded different feeling as well as provide for a different purpose. One of the highlights, is the instalment of a showroom of EBM’s commercial fans right after stepping through the main entrance.


In the time frame of 3 months, the office had little issues to be resolved. However, one of the more complex task of this project was in its warehouse which was at 3-storey tall.

Thus, we had to operate machineries and needed to ‘skywalk’ to facilitate in building the shelves which went up to 6m and above. With safety being of paramount importance, the warehouse saw a makeover which lasted for 10 weeks.

With well over 2 weeks left to the completion deadline assigned, our companies sat down together and went over any ratifications needed in our works.

Once, again, we thank EMB PAPST for trusting us in our works and we look forward to another fruitful journey together!

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