Commercial Project Series: Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)

In this next series of commercial project, we will cover one of our commercial client who has entrusted us with countless projects in South East Asia, particularly, Singapore and Malaysia. To those unfamiliar with H&M, the brand has become a staple in fast-fashion amongst the Youths. With its dominance in the fashion world, the Swedish company has gone on to expand its reach to target Singapore and Malaysia.

Our first consignment with H&M was with another brand within its corporate umbrella: Collection Of Styles (COS) which catered to corporate working-class females. With our performance and ability to deliver, our company saw ourselves taking up more commercial assignments in H&M’s retail outlets which totalled 11 stores for 2 years, helping to boost H&M’s growth in Asia.

At any point in time, our company oversaw 2 projects simultaneously with the H&M group. Over the 2 years, one of the main criteria was in the speed to deliver the stores in good condition. Through the period, H&M has truly been a great commercial client to work with in the retail industry.

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