3 Ideas to Breathe Life to Your office interior design

The average Singaporean spending 8 hours a day at work. While we wouldn’t like to call it second-home, spending 1/3 of your day in office can impact one’s health, creativity, productivity and happiness.

While companies are starting recognising the increasing importance of creating a conducive office for work. There is still no one size fit all solution to keep employees satisfied.

In this series, we give you 3 ideas to breathe life to your office interior design without major office interior design changes.

1. Allow for Dynamic Spaces

Physical activity contributes to greater creativity and overall productivity in workers. You can consider designing workplaces such that movement is required and installing facilities that encourages that.

This may include having an office gym, standing desks, and standing lounges. You can also move bathrooms and pantries away from desks areas to encourage people to walk to access them.

2. Make room for Flexibility

Technological advancement has allowed work to unconfined to the office desk, and allows an increased in telecommunications. Thus, workplaces have long valued flexibility and mobility.

To do so, it is important to design a office interior that reflects a flexible attitude with portable furniture and working spaces. Anywhere can be a space for work – a sofa with a table, a beanbag, open lounges, standing desks, and more.

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3. Create a Green Space

With growing trend in environmental sustainability, the trend is slowly latching onto offices spaces as well.

Studies have shown that buildings that incorporate green designs and sustainable practices can also influence workers productivity.

In offices with more natural light, there is a positive correlation to better quality of work as well as job satisfaction.

To do so, you can ensure that windows allow for natural airflow and green views. One simple way could be to free up the windows of drawers to allow some light in among many other solutions.

We hope this issue of our commercial design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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