Interior Design for Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Offices

We know it. The lack of resource to design our interior spaces to look like Facebook’s office.

We feel it. The limited amount of space to create an opulent vibe for our offices.

We know it. The desire to create an office that makes our commercial customers go “WOW”.

But, reality sets in. How can SME’s do that in Singapore where rent is so exorbitant?

In this issue, we bring to you how P & A, help design and build offices in Singapore for fellow SME companies.

Space Limitation

With the exception of a selected few who are either freelance or just about too rich. Most SMEs office averages 200-450sqft, or a 2-3 room flat.

Averaging to 5 staffs and above, offices find themselves cramped and have little workspace. Which in the long-term may cause poor work productivity.

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Hence, we included interior design elements such as breaking down of partitions and limiting dividers as much as possible. Helping to create an illusion of a larger office.

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Cost Limitations

Past commercial office renovations of ours range between $50,000 to $120,000 and upwards. Though subjected to various requirements like: design, budget and requests.

Being an SME ourselves, we are able to understand the limitations that companies have when deciding on their commercial renovation. Above all, costs can be said to be the biggest factor towards their decision process.

While “cheap” can be given. The end results may not always look pretty. Not to mention shady renovation contractors whom are hard to contact.

Our advise: Seek a company whom you can trust to deliver. Penny counting in business often leads to horror stories that you’ve often heard of.

Also, consider how prospective clients would perceive your company if the interior design of the office is poorly done.

That being said, consider long-term effects during your commercial renovation decisions to hire (or fire) the interior design company and contractor.

Once again, we hope this issue of our design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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