Reinstatement of Commercial Offices

So what does office reinstatement mean?

Definition: To restore (someone or something) to their former position or state.

Why the need to reinstate commercial offices?

Unfortunately, we cannot leave the commercial office as it is when the lease expires.

Therefore, your duty as the tenant, is to hand back the commercial space or any business premise to the owner in the state that it was in the beginning.

(Just like cleaning up after you finish eating)

In most cases, reinstatement works occurs when the lease expires. Or when your company decides to shift office.

During this process, clients would be required remove all the temporary fittings and structures installed in the office.

That is where we, design and build companies come in!

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The complexity of the reinstatement process will depend on the extent of customisation works performed to the original interior and design of the office.


Although rare, it can still happen. While it seems simple to remove (AKA destroy) everything. There has to be a system behind it, or organised chaos.

Commercial offices spanning a football field can be reinstated within 1-3 weeks. All of which, largely depends on proper planning and execution on the ground.

Concluding Statement

While reinstatement does not always happen, (Tenant taking over your space requests not to) 90% of the situation requires tenants to do so.

While it is important to move in to a nice office, it is also important to tie up loose ends when returning to landlords. After all, landlords still have the jurisdiction to withhold payment among other methods.

Once again, we hope this issue of our design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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