Playing with colours and lines to change Interior spaces

With lifestyles shifting indoors for a variety of reasons, be it work or just to avoid the heat. Studies show that we now spend 87% of our lives indoors.

Therefore, a pleasant environment would inadvertently have a positive influence on our mood and well being. Just as poorly lit, uncomfortable places can make lives miserable.

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Hence, this is where the craft of interior design is important, commonly neglected by professionals.

Upon designing an interior space, the interior designer has the power to alter various variables:

Artificial lightingnatural light, proportions, colors and materials. (Among many others)

Thus, the combination of these variables would ultimately affect the perspective of the room.

Such as: Make the room appear taller, longer, wider, or highlighting a particular element.

Elongating the room

food tales- food & beverage
Food Tales- Food & Beverage/ Retail Interior space

To Narrow Your Room

NTUC Office Walkway

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