Carpet Tiles: What you need to know

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Situated at the highest floor, the windows provide natural lighting to the open area used for reception when events are held. Providing guests and students to mingle and interact with one another .

Carpet tiles have been and still are considered to be the height of fashion and practicality in the corporate office environment.  Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing carpet tiles for your office space.


Carpet tiles are the first and foremost when wanting to truly design a space.  With their small size and ability to be cut to precise shapes, carpet tiles let you adjust to the layout of your space with ease.


Because of their size and layout, carpet tiles can be laid to fit rooms that are less than conventional.  Because carpet tiles can be cut easily, the process is easier, faster and produces a finished final product.


Carpet tiles are VERY durable.  There is a reason carpet tiles have been around since the 50’s!


Carpet tiles can come with the best warranties for the life of your carpet.  Engineered wood and Laminates can come with a warranty, but most times are a shorter length with stipulations.


That said, we conclude our weekly issue! We hope this issue of our design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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