Covid-19 and its impact on office space

With most employees working at home under the Stay Home Notice, this new norm may be an indication of the future on how businesses operate.

Taking factors such as open-offices and employee count into consideration, perhaps it is time for businesses to reevaluate its office layout and capacity. Or, employees could always continue to work from home 🙂 since 8 in 10 employees prefers it anyway!

What’s Next for Office Designs

Right now we are still in the experimental phase of the transformation but here are 4 pointer on what we have experienced. 

  • The option from home eliminates common staff frustrations like finding child care and commuting. 
  • Less physical infrastructure creates a significant cost savings for organizations.
  • Many team members are less focused and productive when working from home. (In-line with statistics to prove sadly)
  • Some business just can’t operate without the physical element

Taking these points into account, some business may actually benefit from this crisis. Of which, one would be realising they DO NOT need a large space to operate. This translates to more savings for both employers and employees.

Controversially, businesses such as ours, which involves commercial build, it is impossible to work under such circumstances. (Unless we are talking about building in Minecraft)

It is exciting to think about the new business models that will be developed as home bound orders are lifted. While we won’t see another 100% home based work environment for many of us in the foreseeable future. This month or two shows that some businesses can still operate without an office or at least, a smaller one.


That said, we conclude our weekly issue! We hope this issue of our design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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