Company Update: A time to re-calibrate

Since the start of April which saw the start of the lock-down, the economy has been negatively affected by the epidemic. Especially for ourselves, where in the construction sector, various projects are withheld or, cancelled.

With various regulations in place, both self-regulated and mandatory, our workers faced a very real threat of having less wage; Since they are now locked in their dormitories.

Although it is VERY fortunate that none of our workers were infected 🙂 Their plight is definitely one to feel for. Most of us might already be aware after watching all the content online about how foreign workers’ lives are negatively affected.

That said, employees aren’t the only one affected. Even businesses are starting to fold which is at its highest in recent years. That said, over these few months, we gathered ourselves(virtually) to discuss, how to provide a better experience for our interior design and build services.

360 Design service

One of our past office conference room design for our client. For more content, stay updated to our channel! www.pna-int.com

Posted by P & A Link Pte Ltd on Monday, 11 May 2020

As such, a slew of content would be coming your way. These contents would include various design and build projects that we have performed thus far since 2019. Images aside, we have recently explored into providing 3D drawings for our clients as well.

Through the 360 designs, our clients were observed to display firmer consensus on what they were looking for. Since most clients are not well versed in looking at 2D designs after all.

Based on our experience, these customers who took on the 360 designs eventually had less cognitive dissonance(regret) over the final product in their spaces. Since what they saw in the designs was what they expected to receive.


That said, we conclude our weekly issue! We hope this issue of our design and build Singapore series has been informative. Till next time!

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