We cater to any form of carpentry work, providing assistance and advice to “design and built” your own desired structure or furniture with the knowledge and experience of our carpenters who has worked with us since foundation. We have a full range of finishes options available to support your personal ideas. Even if you have no idea or drawings of your preferred carpentry works. With our team of 3D autocad in-house designers, we will be happy to advise you with our proposals and help you transform your ideas into reality.

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Commercial Interior Designers in Singapore

Furnishes and Fittings

Referring to the thousands of items present in our projects, all fixtures and fittings have a specific role and place in any space. However, more often than not, infrastructure companies fail to adhere to the time schedule as much time is taken up to assemble the fittings on-site. With this pain point in mind, by working with our carpentry extension, we are able to reduce time spent to assemble our fittings on-site while at the same time, maintaining quality and consistency in service provided.

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Commercial Interior design and build

With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with countless brands and government bodies over the years. From luxury brands, residential, universities to offices, we have done it all. Not limited to Singapore, we have now expanded to providing our services to Malaysia and China consistently. With certifications and awards to prove our work quality, we are able to give customers the assurance that we are able to live up to their expectations.

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Sensitive Electrical System

Electrical appliances is a must have in our daily use, With the intricacy of electrical systems, one wrong wiring could mean the difference between a power outage. Thus, our electrical boards and circuits are certified by relevant government authorities. An utmost attention is to be given towards the circuitry boards and wiring them.
Our technicians personally check and test the products to ensure that all is working before our deadlines.

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At P&A Link, interior design & build is what we do best. Maximising and elevating your work space to the next level, turning drawings and concepts into reality

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