Carpentry, Joinery & Furniture (SMU Li Ka Shing Library)

Client: SMU
Location: Singapore


Description: In our main consignment with SMU, the library was one of the biggest instalment of this project which is made up of 2 levels.

To provide vibrancy to the library, primary colours were used while at the same time, muting the tones by sticking to basic tones of white and wood to offset the colour schemes.

With the Central location that SMU provides, the view of the bustling street makes for a perfect way for students to relax their minds for a moment. As such, sound-proof full length mirrors were used to allow natural sunlight in to the library to provide energy efficiency and a conducive environment for students to study in.

commercial interior design singapore_SMU
commercial interior design singapore
commercial interior design singapore_Coach
commercial interior design singapore_Coach